In ancient times, advertising is a demanding campaign that usually takes weeks and months to promote goods and services. You may have to kick around everywhere to raise your product and make it known to the target audience. But now, it is no more demanding.

Advertisement is the practice of online public communication for promoting goods and services by using the platforms of newspapers, postcards or social media. However, the most common bandwagon of advertising is social media platforms. These media platforms are taken as a heart for sponsoring your products while reaching your target audience. The feasibility of exceptional graphics compels the consumer to cast an eye on the sponsored product, inspect it, and make it purchase.

Strategies for media advertisement

There are several media platforms for advertising, and each media varies in using media advertising prerequisite. For advertising of social media, you must stick to the following steps:

  • You must develop your long-term strategy for marketing. What are you going to promote? What is your target audience? How would you work on risk management strategies?
  • Follow your marketing campaign through budget limitations.
  • You must have extensive knowledge of the rating of different media platforms how rating may impact your business revenues.
  • Always learn from the experience which strategy becomes fruitful for you and what changes to encounter hereafter.

There are many social media platforms around the world for marketing purposes, but some of the common are:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest

Marketing Strategy of Facebook

Facebook is a media marketing agency founded in 2004. It is the most used social media platform with more than two million active users. For media advertising on Facebook, you need to set your target goals and target audience, make strategies on what content you used to engage your audience, and add high-resolution images and videos.

For inserting video content for your marketing on Facebook, you need to stick to creating content without sound because only 15% of videos are seen on Facebook while sound-on. You must monitor your advertising page daily whether it is working with your expectations; otherwise, you must go for the A/B Split test that opens up for your hundreds of opportunities to meet your expectations.

Media Advertising strategy of Instagram

Instagram is second to none in media advertising. It is a modern marketing platform founded in 2012. It has a massive amount of 1.16 million followers. Instagram is also a game for many influencers with giant followers. With this assistance, if you apply the right strategies at the right time, there is no time left to sound your brand as an influential brand. It is a visual media platform, so advertising for your products and services is more accessible than any other platform.

If you want to advertise your goods through Instagram, immediately turn your account into a business account; following it is to engage by using Instagram tools. In the third step, try to provide mini-movies for your upcoming products. And lastly, for sponsoring ads, you can set your budget as per your requirements.

Media advertising strategy of Pinterest

Pinterest is the aesthetic media advertising platform founded in 2009. It uses the service of image, video, GIF’s sharing to promote the seller’s goods and services. Nowadays, every marketer wants to build marketing on Pinterest because it has active 250 million users. Like any other platform, Pinterest also sponsors your products and reaches your potential customer.

On Pinterest, the users pin their desired objects on board to keep them safe and use in the future and look for new products. It does not involve the problematic steps from discovery to conversion. It directly lets the user access the primary source that no other social media platform provides. It is a free and genuine media advertising platform that is also beneficial for small scale businesses.

After examining the four major media platforms, we know that the media platform of any nerve can boost your business if applied accurately. Media Advertising is the technical approach to reach your valuable customer through myriad content in text, images, speech, videos, and graphics.

It brings several benefits; it opens up numerous opportunities for dialogue; despite one-way communication through television, it helps develop two-way communication, which provides the advantage to the business owners to catch the consumer’s attention and make amendments for expected customers.


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