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How to Promote your YouTube Channel?

  • Make content on regular basis, it would be great if you will upload video every day, the more you post the more chances to get viral.
  • Make your focus and main keywords prominent by putting hashtag (#) before that word which is written in description of video., only three for each video.
  • Make long videos but not too long. Around 10-15 minutes.
  • When you are making long content, it will benefit you in terms of completing your channel watch hours and user retention, but here you need to focus that your users should be engaged so they stay and watch.
  • In initial seconds of your video don’t give long intros or display anything which is not worthy. Straight away in first 30 seconds tell them what to expect from this video and tell this is what you are going to talk about.
  • In middle or after that attention getter you can add your very short intro where you can introduce yourself but make sure it is of few seconds.

Promote your YouTube Channel

  • Ask your audience questions so they can comment and get engaged with content.
  • Answer your audience queries in comments and tell them that you will be answering them.
  • Stay on your topic, don’t go here and there.

Technical things you should know about YouTube Channel

  • Custom thumbnail with hardly 5-6 words and it should be bigger and clear.
  • Make thumbnail catchy for example if you are talking that “How to make online money with less effort” include cash picture in thumbnail.
  • Tell users how I earn by adopting this profession, for example, “How I earned 500$ in one day” add yourself holding money and post that thumbnail or you can add your digital money recipient. Why this? It builds your credibility among users they believe when they see.
  • First search on keyword and then make video so you will be talking around that keyword and always talk on related keywords as well.
  • Keep updating your video for example if you made video that how to clean your car in 2021, make it 2023 so people would know that it still works.
  • Transcribe your video and paste it in description
  • Use sub-titles.

Technical things you should know about YouTube Channel

How to market video content of  YouTube Channel?

  • It’s important to share your video so maximum people can view it. So, there are things you should do for giving your video boost and social signals.
  • Always do proper SEO of your content.
  • Get yourself and your friend or maybe another ID add into those groups which are talking on similar things you do, or you think people there would be interesting in your content. Remember target audience is key.
  • Share your content on those groups, share it on your profile and on the pages you run. Share everywhere on twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, WhatsApp along with keywords.

Looking for YouTube Optimization and Management services?

  • Share on blogs, website. Ask your colleagues if anyone of them run website or blog. Ask them for hyperlink/external link. This will increase your channel ranking. For example, there are some sites who offer guest posts.
  • Using proper tags in YouTube video alone is not enough, use wherever you can share.

Most Important way to promote YouTube channel

Let people know that you researched very well what you are talking, you have this much experience, show them with live examples and with your results. Show them that this much I earned at this age by doing this. How you changed your lifestyle by doing this and how you can also do after watching my video.

Customize your YouTube channel

Fill out each and every option of the channel, from adding email, website to channel main keywords and other options which are there in YouTube studio.

Why people will watch your content on YouTube?

Always remember the niche on you are working is where people will come either they are your competitors or the ones who are really interested in this field or maybe the ones who are your closed ones.

But these people are not your actual promoters/viewers, always make content which will help new people or newbie. Because whenever people do search on google or YouTube, they are looking for something probably answer of their query or they want to solve the issue, so you must be very clear what you are teaching, easy wording which is understandable. Organic search gives maximum traffic.

Why people will watch your content on YouTube?

How you will Make Money from YouTube?

Everyone knows about google AdSense. But you can do Affiliate marketing by referring your users that buy if you want to buy similar products or equipment you can buy it from the link in description. This way you will get commission from that company. You need to first sign up for those companies’ affiliate program and Promote Your YouTube Channel, if not then you can sign up for amazon affiliate program or any other platform which offers and have items related to your brand.

Free YouTube Tricks:

  • You need to improve your CTR of your video, ask your friends and family members from different locations and IP to search keywords or complete title if doesn’t appear in results and click on your channel video only no one else. This way YouTube algorithm will think that your video is more relevant, and it will be ranked higher.
  • When you upload video right after that ask your closed ones to like and comment on the video, this way engagement will be higher, and it is also one way to boost.
  • Talk on controversial topics related to your niche.

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