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Digital Marketing

We understand that you dream big, and we at Digital World of Giants make your dreams come true!

Digital Marketing is the backbone of an online business. Our Agency focuses on design, creativity, innovation, and highly influential user experience. We provide digital services for our clients with the integrative digital part, which helps grow in business and community.

Whether it is a startup or a well-reputed offline business, we’ve got you covered. Once you collaborate with our digital marketing team, you will see an apparent increase in your investment return. We thrive to design the most innovative marketing strategy and plan a digital route for your business.

What is the need of digital marketing?

Who doesn’t want to increase their sales? As local businesses are turning digital the need to be among top searches have grown more. Our extensive digital marketing strategy will get you ranked, increase your sales, generate revenues, resolve backend issues. A comprehensive digital marketing plan helps you reach your potential customers and content strategy idealizes your audience.

Services we offer

Search Engine Optimization

For higher rankings, organic reach and traffic, you need an SEO and we conduct a well-rooted keyword search, provide an on-page and off-page optimization for brand identity, increased sales and ideal audience reach. Having a credible SEO plan for your website helps you in boosting your rank on the search engine. SEO strengthens your brand’s reputation and makes way for your achievements.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO lays the basis of optimized and ranked sites. The basic framework of SEO stands on it. Our leading team of experts dives deeply into the basic structure of your website, runs crawlers to get insights of indexability, HTTP code-statuses, site-performance and speed, audits and elimination of bugs.

Local SEO

According to statistical graphs, people prefer “near me” store or services more than the one’s located far off. We make sure you have high local rankings and to achieve this we offer geo-modified services, customer reviews, blogposts, business listings and social media engagements.

International SEO

We offer services globally and our team of experts interacts worldwide and executes result-oriented plans. We master in providing plans that sit well with their regional goals.

Affiliate Marketing

To generate a stream of leads, we design a special campaign for advertisements, unique guest posts, data-driven infographics and compelling social media content.

Web Design and Development

User friendly web designs that are technically up to date are our top priority. DWG ensures a visual hierarchy of your dream website which meets your business goals. A simple yet unique web design, explicit CTA’s and content that aligns with your objectives.

Custom Web Design

With our experienced team of WordPress experts, we thrive to offer customized websites for your respective niche and proceeding maintenance. Custom web designs are meant to grab more attention. Our experts have a keen knowledge of industry demands and trends and know how to carve your brand’s first impression.

Social Media Marketing

After web development and SEO, we focus on social media marketing. DWG formulates custom social media campaigns for our valuable clients and help them grow their business. By analyzing user data and engagements, our digital marketing team outlines an advertisement campaign in accordance to your goals.

Video Production

Seeing is believing! Videos are a strong engaging tool. Conveying your brand’s message through fascinating and SEO optimized visuals helps you reach your business goals in no time. At DWG’s creative section we have a team that hunts the location, scribbles down the script, turns it into motion and edits it in the most artistic form.

Content Writing

Content is the website’s backbone. Hire our top content writers to get this task done. Our content creators are full of energy, have a strong command on their language and are in touch with the top trends and hot news. They fully know how to fall within Google’s criteria and provides excellent readability. We expertise in generating headlines that are catchy, keywords that are high-performing and eminent and images that stand out the rest.

Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Online reputation pushes you up on the success meter. Get your reputation polished and unlock all rewards with our closely designed internet marketing strategy. It helps you in growing your business while we monitor reviews and publishing strategies. Our ORM strategies are comprehensive and let you acquire positive feedbacks and reviews.

ECommerce Marketing

Ecommerce industry is growing by leaps and bounds and we facilitate clients looking forward to take advantage of ecommerce trends with our Ecommerce SEO services. To introduce and sell your products around the world and to get their listings ranked, we offer you our ecommerce marketing services.

Email Marketing

We carry out a unique email marketing strategy for our valued clients. Formulating a custom email newsletter keeps it out of spam and reaches your ideal audience. We work on subscriber lists, convincing terminologies and test campaigns before delivery. Our professional email newsletters make us stand in the limelight.

Ecommerce Web Design

Ecommerce web design has a huge impact on your sales. We ensure personalized web designs for your ecommerce website store, optimize checkouts and competitive advantages. With the help of our marketing agency your profit is going to boost up just as you planned.

Web Hosting

Web hosting has been made easier and simpler with DWG. Our digital marketing agency provides WordPress acceleration, system monitoring and backup, file management and Secure Socket Layers (SSL) for site security.

Why choose Digital World Giant?

We offer a number of services and we ensure result-oriented performances. We at DWG take every step to enhance your on-page performances, resolve backend technical issues and dig up best suited keywords for web indexing. Performing a deep search of keywords will drive target audience and directs revenue. Apart from all the best services, we provide:

  • Stream-oriented Digital Marketing services
  • Custom Digital Marketing Plans
  • Field Specialists
  • Assessment and Analysis
  • SEO Consultants

What makes us stand out in the limelightBy running professional tools for keywords and optimization, we focus on leading your website to its peak performance getting a visible rise in sales. Just like a trustworthy partner, we keep your goals in consideration and come up with amendments in the strategy when needed.

Our thorough keyword research and our extensive content strategy helps you achieve heavy leads and generates revenue. Our technical SEO services tackles deep issues like site-speed, bug elimination, data duplication and HTTP status codes.

A number of digital marketing agencies are functioning around the globe and offering their best services. What makes us stand out is our flexible and custom marketing strategy. Our team of experts engages itself in a one-on-one discussion with their clients. These meetings enlighten their goals and marketing needs and assist us in executing a plan that sits well with their strategy.

For budding businesses with a startup plan we have a team of SEO Consultants who listen to you, execute a strategy, implement it in leading way and optimize your website. Professionally optimized website, deep-rooted keywords for search intent and expanded niche, make your brand credible and your brand’s identity is secured. Being digitally present and keeping up with the latest trends in industry lands you on prospective clients.

How much time is required to get positive results?

The most frequently asked question is this, how much time will it take to rank and get organic sales online? The answer to this question is not that simple. Several factors are involved in digital marketing while evaluating. Most importantly;

  • What is your niche?
  • How do you want to get sales organically or by paid advertisement?
  • What are the keywords which represent your business?
  • Do you want to adopt a long-term strategy or short-term?
  • What is your budget?
  • How long you want to run your campaign

What is your Goal related to Marketing?

These are few things which you need to keep in mind. The most important thing is that you need to be patient to get the best results. Hard work pays off, but one needs to be consistent. The strategy must be developed entirely, and gradually you will start seeing improvements.

Client Satisfaction

Custom made digital marketing plans build a strong link with the client and we put great emphasis on employee client relations. Our low client to staff ratio makes it uncomplicated for the client to express what they need. We thrive to provide our services to almost every business website that reaches us. No matter if you are a client with a startup or a well-established local business. We deal with every business and provide our services to get the best of your investments.

Our Goal for Digital Marketing

Digital World Giant offers a complete digital solution for small business to enterprise. Our company’s goal is to add value to your business and help our clients achieve what they deserve in the minimum period. Our primary focus is to generate maximum sales, brand awareness, and revenue for our valuable consumers. The end goal is to produce relevant and appropriate output, which is beneficial and positively impacts the long term.

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