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Web Development

We’re a digital creative services firm. We provide  Web development services for arts + culture, entertainment and nonprofit organizations.
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Graphic Designing

Digital World of Giants is working on website development in New York for the past few years. Over the years we have expertise in this field and have an excellent user experience. We offer creative designs when it comes to the front end of a specific website. Our designed websites are

  • User friendly
  • Search engine optimized
  • Secure and Fast hosting



Whether your website is an informative site, blog-based, or an e-commerce store our agency has got you covered. We deal in a High Definition website layout which gives the best user experience, gets your website recognized on the search engines in no time, and gets a deep insight into your websites.

  • Services of Web Development:
  • Front end developers — one who develops the website and the visuals using
  • HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Back end developers — one who develops the actions on a website or web apps using programming languages like Ruby, Python, Php etc.
  • Full stack developer — one who can develop all layers of the software.

We have a full-stack web developer and UI/UX designer team with lot’s of experience and successful projects.

Why Our company for Website design and Development?

Website development packages by any freelancers accompany, or the contractor’s share number of disadvantages can find yourself being far too many. The value that one could also pay for keeping the project under the set budget may be more detrimental than beneficial, mainly thanks to projects losing their uniqueness thanks to excessive development time.

Furthermore, the acceptability of change doesn’t come naturally to those firms, whereas we believe that it’s the client’s right to be offered solutions that adapt to the changing times and development modes, and are at an equivalent time cost-effective. We have developed the consistent supply, cost-effective solutions while comforting you with due processes like NDA (non-disclosure agreement) so that your company secrets remain within your intelligence sphere.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any problems.

We’re a digital creative services firm. We provide web, mobile and app development, branding and design services for arts + culture, entertainment and nonprofit organizations.
+1 (585) 937 3774

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