Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing

There is much difference between digital marketing vs traditional marketing. As the name suggests, digital marketing uses social media as means for marketing. For example, all those ads that emerge in your pop upstreams that is digital marketing. Similarly, traditional marketing involves traditional channels of marketing like printed media and billboards. In the 1990s, traditional marketing was the only type of marketing.

The significant difference between traditional and digital marketing is how the audience encounters any marketing message. Digital marketing uses digital media, such as social media or websites; traditional marketing uses conventional media like newspapers and magazines. Online marketing is as important as traditional marketing; digital marketing uses every point of daily use of the internet to reach you.

Digital marketing reaches its audience on a global scale; business owners can market their products locally, nationally, and internationally at a minimal cost compared to traditional marketing. Digital marketing enables us to reach people interested in our services or products. It also helps us reach people precisely according to their profession, age, gender, income, preferences, behaviours, and interests and create content that gets our audience’s attention.

Digital Marketing Agency Services

There are different types of digital marketing, namely live chats, email newsletters, podcasting, webinars, virtual events, conversational marketing, and blogging. Digital marketing makes it a lot easier to reach a global audience, i.e. while creating a website. It is not limited to one locality; everyone using the internet can have access to information on that site mostly; digital marketing results are measurable. Therefore, It is easy to determine statistics on how many people have clicked an ad. It also cost-effectively creates campaigns.

Traditional Marketing Services

Traditional marketing refers to all those types of marketing that are not online. It means direct mail, print, broadcast, phone, TV ads, conferences, meetups, workshops, sponsorships, referral campaigns, and outdoor advertising like infographic and billboards. From newspaper to radio, additionally this method of marketing help in reaching targeted audiences. Traditional marketing is the opposite; in this case, it requires much money, and it is the area bound. Native marketing mainly limited to specific regions.

Cost of Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

With the world turning into a global village, digital marketing has an edge. It is preferred because it is highly cost-effective, it also connects customers via effective content, has a higher level of customer engagement, attracts customers, and builds long-term relationships.


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