In order to manage your social media content effectively, there are points you need to consider. Make yourself aware of the tools that you can use to make your life easier and be open to investing a little money. So that you can free up your time to concentrate on other parts of your business. Here is our quick start guide and ideas to managing your content on social media.

Step One – Design a Plan

Work out a plan for your content for a whole month. Split it into sections and themes. Consider how it matches with your advertising, the weather that month, any holidays or celebrations, or any new products you may wish to highlight.

Include a variety of types of content and give each a title and make notes on them – don’t create them at this point.

Make a note of the date and time of each post and who the target audience is for that post. 

If you make it the same target audience per month and organize all your content around them, it can make your life a lot easier.

Colour code your plan and split it into sections so that you can see it almost as a checklist.

You can do this by hand, on your computer or using an online planning tool – whatever works best for you, just make sure that you follow it.

Step Two – Hire People and DIY

Go on a Digital Marketing Services providers it can be any agency or freelance third party platform and search for people with good reviews. You get what you pay for in content writing. Paying out for someone who understands SEO and who can write a lot of quality content quickly is invaluable. Be clear with them about what you need and set out guidelines (these can be found in your plan from step one).

Create your own visuals. There is no need nowadays to hire out a graphic designer for general content. Go on a free design site like It might be worth paying a subscription to one of these sites, so that you can use all of their design tools but many have a free version that you can try out first. This is great as some have different options and there are new resources coming out all the time.


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Step Three – Advertising

A great way to manage your content is to advertise it. See what content is getting the most interactions and boost that post. You might find it is a post you put the least effort into and thought would get the least views. It can depend on outlying factors on the weather and the political climate that day as to what people want to see at any given time.

Check out which of your advertisements lead to more sales and publish content related to that more often next month to test it.

Add your logo to every post. From adverts to content articles – make sure your logo is on there. A logo will bring a stronger brand identity to your content, and therefore build trust from your target audience in your business, click here for access to a great logo creator.

Step Four – Analyze and Revise

Do not change up your entire plan each month. Alter the social media posts but do not change what you are posting about. You should be able to keep it much the same and use it as a guide to improve your content. Be sure that your posts aren’t repetitive and boring but do follow the same voice and style each month.

Check out the analytics of each post and see what does well and what seems to be failing. Take the failing styles and revamp them.

If you make a plan then do not change it until the following month. Stick with it even if it doesn’t seem great and use the data you collect from it to make a new plan the next month that is bigger and better than ever.


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