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In this article you will know about the most asked questions by an interviewer during a Google analytics interview. Of course, not all interview panels have same layouts and structure. But the following interview questions are mostly asked in theses interviews. 

What is your understanding of Google Analytics? 

Answer:  Google analytics is a tool to track and analyze website traffic and user behavior. This tool helps in improving the website and in increasing the website’s revenue.  

What is a Session?

Answer: Whenever a user visits a webpage with its tracking code a session starts. The session automatically time out after 30 minutes of inactivity. We can start new session by changing the source from organic.

What is benchmarking?

Answer: Google analytics helps us to compare our data derived from market research and other companies. 

What are the segments in Analytics?

Answer: From the overall report a segment is just a small part of data, for example, creating segments, like organic and paid results.

What is meant by Cohort Reports?

Answer: A user group that shares a common characteristic is known as cohort.

What is acquisition report used for?

Answer: Acquisition reports are used for analyzing the source of traffic on any said website from social, organic and paid campaigns. 

What is exit rate in Analytics?

Answer: The exit rate is the actual percentage of the user that last in a session, this rate helps to understand user’s behavior and to optimize our page for users who left the website from a specific page.

What is meant by average load time?

Answer: The amount of time required by the website to load in the browser is the average load time.  more than 40% of the users will exit the page if it requires more than 3 seconds to load. The ideal time is below 3s.

9. What is Real-time data in Google Analytics?

Real-time data provide us the information about how many users from different locations are accessing our website at the present moment of time.

10. What are cookies in analytics?

Cookies are the tiny piece of data that transfer from website to the user’s computer web browser. The purpose is retargeting in paid campaigns.

11. Different Types of Products Linking in Google Analytics?

  1. Adwords linking
  2. Google Play
  3. DoubleClick Search
  4. Postbacks
  5. Google Search Console
  6. BigQuery
  7. DoubleClick Bid Manager (DBM)
  8. Ad exchange linking.
  9. DoubleClick Campaign Manager
  10. Ad sense linking

12. What are the UTM parameters?

UTM Stands for Urchin Tracking Module, there are five variants of URL parameters which are normally used by the marketers to track website traffic from different sources such as Organic, Paid and referral traffic.

 13. What is RPC in Google Analytics?

The RPC stands for revenue per click. Mainly this is used for E-commerce tracking that helps in finding out revenue: generated by the per click of the users.

14. What is mean by Users in Google Analytics?

The visitors who visited the site at least once are called user.

15. What is event tracking in Google Analytics?

Event tracking is used to track a specific occasion or an action of the website such as video views, document downloads etc.

16. What is the page view?

Answer: As the name suggests a page view refers to as views on the page. A page view is added every time a person visits or views the website.

17. Auto-tagging is used in which type of traffic?

Answer: Auto-tagging are the tags that can be read by google analytics only. It is a highly advanced feature that we need to turn on before importing conversion tracking data into google ads from google analytics. 

18. What is the Flat Table? 

Answer: In order to view the data without drilling down a flat table report is used. Flat table reports are often used for exporting data in spreadsheets like Excel.

19. Role of KPI in Google Analytics?

Answer:  KPI stands for Key performance indicator. This indicator helps to track the important parts of a business. Parts like clicks, bounce rates, sessions and returning users. AVG time. It also helps you to get an idea about SEO of your website.

20. List of different elements of Event Tracking in Google Analytics?

Answer: Three elements of tracking are as follows

  1. Categories
  2. Actions
  3. Labels

21. What is CTR?

Answer: It stands for click through rate. It is calculated by the total number of clicks divided by the total no. of impression then multiplied by 100.

22. What is Demographics in Google Analytics?

Answer: It shows the age group of the user visiting any website.

23. What is UA tracking code?

Answer: The UA stands for universal analytics. The universal tracking code is found in the admin section of web property.

24: What is the formula of ROI?

Answer: ROI stands on return on Investment. It can be calculated through this formula ROI = Overall Profit/ Total Investment*100

25: What is A/B Testing? 

Answer: A/B testing is specifically an experiment between two variants of a same page. A page show is a random show for the users randomly to understand the user’s behavior on different pages. And continue showing the best performing page to the users. 

26: What is Map overlay?

Answer: The map overlay report is found under the visitor tab. Google Analytics captures the visitors IP Address which is used afterwards to locate geo IP location.

27: What is behavior in Google Analytics? 

Answer: Behavior in Google Analytics helps in tracking the behavior of the user and this helps to improve the user’s experience for better conversions. 

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