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Guerrilla marketing is a kind of marketing that uses surprises and non-conventional interactions to promote goods and services. It differs from traditional marketing because it focuses on personal association in smaller groups with a smaller budget. It is a kind of marketing that comes out in a particular location instead of on vast social media channels. Guerrilla marketing is an outer interaction with a brand.

Features of Guerilla Marketing

  • It uses unique and modern tools to boost your goods and services sales. The use of modern tools attracts the interest of an audience and generates leads.
  • It uses minimal cost and a personal marketing strategy through social media channels.
  • Due to advancements in technology and updated software in mobile phones that help in marketing to desired groups and particular audiences.
  • Guerrilla marketing catches the attention of customers’ emotions and feelings, which requires no cost.
  • This is considered the critical feature of guerrilla marketing. This is likely to fascinate the younger generation by attractive different and new features that usually respond in positivity.
  • It takes place for bigger audiences: streets, public parks, significant events, festivals, shopping centers and many more. Its principal property is to start the campaign at the right time and place for the right audience to avoid lawful issues. Although, it is a key to all kinds of marketing.

Types of Guerrilla Marketing

Street Marketing

Street Marketing is a kind of outdoor marketing that brings marketing elements outside. It is used to employ statements regarding your brand. However, it uses billboards, images, and posters to influence your audience regarding your product.

Ambient Marketing                                           

Ambient Marketing is another kind of outdoor guerrilla marketing that uses the current flow of things to distinguish your product. It places ads in unconventional places to generate leads for your brands. For example, Nescafe coffee and its connection with Nescafe Basement as a music band.

Ambush Marketing

Ambush Marketing is also the kind of marketing where the marketer takes advantage of the audience. It takes help from some events to promote the company’s goods and services. It is the practice of incorporating another company’s tactics and features, i.e. sponsorships.

Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing is a kind of marketing that depends on the audience to promote the message of your product. It used the system to explore how consumers spread information from one person to many persons. It uses strategies that viral the content more than the fire—for example, making one video and sharing it on different social media platforms.

While projecting different Guerrilla marketing strategies, various legal laws must be followed, and every marketer must keep in contact while projecting these campaigns. It uses marketing strategies not exclusively online but also offline. The investment in Guerrilla marketing is not a tremendous amount of money but an investment in creativity and originality. Whatever tool you used to pass your message to the audience, it all points to astonishing your clients by using your ultimate creativity. However, the more it is up to modern times, the more effective it would be.

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